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By:Theo Jones

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Stay at home versus Safer at home. What’s the difference? Im sure you have heard about the stay at home orders being lifted but by who is the question. You’ll see the president in press briefings daily taking questions about the “reopening of America” but the decision has been up to the state governors. in my case Larry Hogan is the man with the plan in Maryland. What’s the White House’s Plan? The feds have a three-phase plan on reopening, Phase one: Minimize all non- essential travel, return to work with “social distancing”, and schools will remain closed. Phase 2 Non- essential travel resumes, encourage telework, and social distancing, and schools can reopen. Phase 3 at- risk people resume public interaction, unrestricted staffing, unrestricted hospital and senior living Maryland’s planned phases Maryland’s opening phase as of May 15th at 5:00pm Maryland opened banking, pharmacies, outdoor activities, Grocery stores, take out/ delivery is still available but the sit-down restaurants remain closed. Two notably closed businesses are gyms and theatres. What’s next? The best indicator for reopening is 14 days of down trending COVID cases. Maryland currently has 38, 804 confirmed cases with 1992 deaths but no consecutive 14 day stretch down trending numbers. Safer at home advisory In place of the stay at home order that was enforceable by law to the safer at home advisory. those who are medically at risk are encouraged to stay at home to decrease the chances of contracting COVID. While Maryland has begun to gradually reopen Baltimore city and county decided to extend the stay at home orders. City and County residents are encouraged to stay home unless it is for essential needs. Other. Counties that declined to open include Prince George’s, Howard, Calvert, Charles and Montgomery county will follow suit. Anne Arundel, Frederick county and ocean city will open according to Maryland states phase one plan. Washington D.C and Virginia extended their stay at home orders through June 8th What will you do during these Covid times? safer at home or are you planning to get out